The Arthur Rafferty Story.

Misdiagnosis of Asbestosis.

The Evidence.

A Full Diagnosis of asbestosis by a 2nd opinion.

Dr Joe Kidney Of The Mater Hospital Diagnosing asbestosis like the other doctor above.

Thousands could have undiagnosed killer lung disease from the doctor who says you have asbestosis Arthur No he says I made a mistake and you don’t have it.

Joe Kidney

Non-Executive Director

If We Can Get it Right First Time.

Dr Kidney has served on the Board of Directors of HiberGene Diagnostics since 2009. He has an extensive experience and special interest in respiratory medicine with particular emphasis on airways disease, respiratory failure and sleep. He is currently conducting advanced research in the relationship of COPD and certain infectious diseases.

For 17 years since 1998, Dr Kidney has worked as Consultant Physician at the Mater Hospital Belfast. Dr Kidney was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA from 1996 to 1997. He was a Clinical Fellow in Johns Hopkins from 1995 to 1996. He was a Research Fellow at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada from 1992 to 1995. He conducted his doctoral research at the Brompton Hospital and National Heart and Lung Institute from 1989 to 1992 and was awarded MD in 1995 (NUI). He is currently a Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and is a regular examiner in Part 2 of the MRCPI and was Hospital Dean for the exam in The Mater Hospital Belfast for 7 years. Dr Kidney graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 1984 with MB BCh and BAO.

I am Arthur Rafferty I have it now I dont says Belfast nhs trust.
Actually I do have asbestosis ?

A north Belfast man dying from asbestosis is to sue Belfast Health and Social Care Trust for what he claims was a “wrongful diagnosis” after going though what he described as seven “tough years”.

Arthur Rafferty, 69, who worked for shipping magnates George Heyn & Sons for 25 years, was first diagnosed with the killer disease in June 2002 at the Mater Hospital.

Since then he has sought compensation from his former employers. However, in 2007 the Mater came back to Mr Rafferty. He said that they told him that he did not have asbestosis, but would have it in the future. He was then told by Judge Patrick Coughlin that the case against George Heyn & Sons would be put on hold until he had confirmation of the disease.

However this year he went to visit a specialist in Liverpool who confirmed Mr Rafferty was suffering from asbestosis.

He now says he wants justice for his ordeal.

Mr Rafferty said: “I worked as a docker for 25 years.

“My chest is away. Every morning I am bringing up phlegm and sometimes blood. I used to be a professional boxer and never drank or smoked but now I can’t even walk too far.

“When I first went to the Mater Hospital they told me I had asbestosis and there was nothing they could do for me — I was going to die.

“I went every six months for all those years for treatment and then in 2007 they told me I didn’t have it.”

Mr Rafferty said he then fought with the trust for two years to get to see a specialist in Liverpool. The specialist concluded that he did have asbestosis.

He has now launched a case against the trust for “wrongful diagnosis”.

He added: “I’m really annoyed about how I have been treated (by the trust). I have been fighting this for years. I want to know why they got the results wrong.”

Mr Rafferty has established a committee, Justice for Dockers — of which he is chairman — to fight for those suffering from asbestos-related diseases.

North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds, who has been working with Mr Rafferty for years in his fight for justice, said: “I fully support Arthur and his quest for justice and compensation.

“I have raised his case in the House Of Commons and other forums and I will continue to give my support where necessary.

“Time is running out for this man and his case needs to be seen to as a matter of urgency.”

A spokeswoman for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust said they could not comment due to a pending legal case.

A spokesman for George Heyn & Sons said: “We can’t comment on individual cases, however we do sympathise with anyone who is suffering from asbestosis.

“We now recognise the dangers of working with asbestos and thankfully workers at Heyn do not have to work in that environment.”

Arthur Rafferty and other dockers are dying of Asbestosis

Would all Trade Unionists especially those in Atgwu and Siptu reflect for a moment on the plight of Arthur Rafferty and the other Belfast Dockers who’ve contracted Asbestos because of their union.

Arthur and the others can lay the blame for their premature deaths at the door of corrupt union officials. They knew of the dangers of this deadly substance but ignored it to make more profit for the employers.

I can’t find words vile enough to describe these contemptuous purveyors of death, who, while pretending to be good steadfast advocates of trade unionism hypocritically allowed and encouraged non-union men to be employed. While ensuring that members of ITGWU were always paid up members, {they ensured this by heavy fines.} Thus Arthur and the others condemned to death by the collaboration of their union, were at the time, fully paid up members of ITGWU..

Seeing that no-one from SIPTU or ICTU will meet Arthur, in a gesture of desperation he’s asked to meet Mick O’Reilly of Atgwu. Maybe the leader of a union he never belonged to will be able to make the Trade Union Movement treat himself and the other dying Dockers with respect.

A while back David Begg of ICTU was complaining about the rights of workers in China. I wrote to him {again} and reminded him of the Belfast Dockers, and stated, Belfast is a lot closer than China.

To myself and others, who’ve been deprived of our livelihoods by ITGWU for wanting fair play for workers, ICTU was always a sick joke.
But we never though they’d stoop so low as to refuse to meet dying men who’re being deprived of their lives – or to champion their rights.

Peter Mcloone, David Begg and all the other so-called trade unionists in ICTU are a disgrace to Larkin and Connolly’s memory.
There’s no difference between today’s in the Partnership here in the South, and the collaboration which ITGWU entered into with the employers in the North.


Whatever happened to “An injury to one is the concern of all, etc, and One Big Union…? Ooops, sorry, now it’s called One Big Employers Union – and uses Belfast as its template.

I am asking Trade Unionists to comment on this corruption and SIPTU and ICTU’S treatment of dying men.

The Evidence.

Dr Wendy Anderson.

Dr Wendy Anderson Leading Northern Ireland Specialist Is She Lying ?
Dr Wendy Anderson on the radio.
Divisional Medical Director Dr Wendy Anderson

Changes to treatment of lung cancer ‘could save 300 lives a year’

Dr Tony Stevens.

Im The Boss Tony Stevens.

Dr Tony Stevens
Chief Executive

Dr Tony Stevens was appointed as Chief Executive of the Northern Trust on 1 August 2014. Since then he has driven a challenging service reform programme to create a practitioner-led organisation with a clear focus on partnerships across the health and care sector and locally delivered services. He has prioritised an open culture, robust governance systems and an ambitious organisational development strategy to underpin reform and modernisation.
Previously, he was Medical Director for the Belfast Trust and before this he held the roles of Deputy Medical Director and Director of Risk and Occupational Health with the Royal Hospitals Trust. He was instrumental in embedding governance arrangements across the Belfast Trust, as well as the Trust’s Assurance Framework. He was also Executive Lead for quality, safety and public health.
Tony has practiced as an Occupational Physician in different employment sectors and has had a twenty-year career in medical management and leadership.
Karen O’Kane
Executive Office Manager
Tel: 028 9442 4327

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