Len Lawrence Poisoned Pilot

Submission by: Leonard Lawrence Former British Aerospace Pilot



Len does not blog. But he emails. Beautifully. Using colour and other layout features. And he finds always the right people to address! Here he writes on behalf of former servicemen as he once was military, too:

Her Majesties Inspector of Constabularies Dear Mr Winsor, Servicemen / women:  Chemical Poisoning, (Organophosates  used in Gulf War One) —  Brain Injury — Family  and/or Criminal  Court  =  Prison or Homelessness

Children’s Home (abused) PTSD — military PTSD++++   —  Family and/or Criminal Court — PTSD +++++++++    =  Prison or Homelessness

Puzzling why British Servicemen and women  who served in Gulf War One are not being given fMRI  Brain Scans (Functional  Brain Scans) Continue reading → Advertisements



GOOGLE: Leonard Lawrence Pilot
6 October 2011 Boeing Aircraft Company settle claim for neurotoxins in aircraft cabin air, in a case filed in the United States of America.

4 July 2005 Leonard Lawrence 1990 NHS & COMMUNITY CARE ASSESSMENT REPORT identified Toxic Cabin Air and Organophosphate poisoning. No evidence exists that this report was ever disclosed to Slough and Reading County Court by the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts staff or representatives.

Dr Vanessa Davies, Director, Bar Standards Board: “We do not have any powers to make (Barristers) Mr. Brazil and, Mr. Allen answer your queries.” The current Official Solicitor (Mr. Pitblado) wrote to the BSB on 24 June 2009. In his letter he explained that the point had not been reached at which the Court of Protection should have been notified of the existence of the CP3. As the BSB was entitled to do, we took views of the Official Solicitor Mr. Pitblado. (Disregarding the view of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection) The fact that you were a patient was plain from supporting documents.

24 August 2011 Solicitors Regulatory Authority to the Court of Protection; Mr. Lawrence had come within the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection.

Hospital Medical Director Report reference:  “He was then medicated to the extent that he lost mental capacity.” During the period the Official Solicitor of the Supreme Court acted as his Guardian ad Litem, three Court of Protection medical certificates (CP3s) had been obtained but not registered with the Court of Protection. He was, therefore, for nearly 18 months regarded as a mentally ill patient without access to the Court of Protection. During this time considerable amounts of his assets went missing. May Maughan, Deputy Official Solicitor, will not discuss what occurred to Leonard Lawrence’s savings of £45,000.

Professor Abou-Donia, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology and of Neurobiology (Paid for by the British Airline Pilots Association) Tau and MBP suggest the presence of moderate brain injury. Consistent with chemical–induced nervous system injury.

Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Malcolm Hooper, Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 11 (209-215): In the Lawrence case there appears to be sound grounds for legal action and significant compensation claims for mistreatment and false diagnoses and an appalling failure of the duty of care.

Graham C. Holt Collegium Basilea (Institute of Advance Study), Basel, Switzerland Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 11 (216-220): “At this point the tenor of the presentation changed dramatically from calm, logic science to the harrowing story of one pilot, Len Lawrence…. His story was one of costly legal battles to prove that his brain injury was due to chemical exposure and that he was not mentally unfit. What emerged was a story of incompetence by the medical profession, who lacked knowledge of the symptoms following exposure to neurotoxins and the unfairness of the legal profession in not allowing him to see data concerning his own personal records in their reluctance to tackle those culpable.”

Consultant Hematologist: Dear Mr. Lawrence, “I am sorry that we will not be able to accept you as a donor. This is because of your history of organophosphate poisoning that has left you with ongoing nervous system problems.”

Commander Dr Royal Navy Rtd: Dear Len, Thank you for keeping me updated and of new matters arising concerning OPs. I have as promised been circulating to various media agencies what you permitted me to do. My wish is that sooner rather than later someone is GOING TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY or are we again going to suffer another PTSD sage. A diagnosis put up in the DSM II in 1968 then ignored entirely until the Americans decided to name another illness with all the criteria of Reactive depression into PTSD in 1980 called the DSM IV. One wonders if a deliberate and orchestrated campaign is again being waged against such people. Since the Hillsborough Disaster when to Police officers witnessing that incident unfolding knew things were wrong. A cover up by Police, Lawyers and all and sundry. An absolute disgrace by all named that has caused so much heart ache, distress to so many bereaved families. This has now been confirmed by families NOT GIVING IN to deceptions. My one wish again is that by individuals like yourself and Lee and others, NEVER GIVE IN, but stand resolute and strong in bringing down these corrupt and deceitful persons who were responsible for all your hurt and pain too. Rest assured I am alongside you in exposing this unlawful and criminal activity.

Corrupt Uk Judges.



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